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Additional Planning Information


Rural City of Wangaratta is subject to heritage overlays. You can find these marked with ‘HO’ and a number (for example, HO26) on the Planning Scheme Map.

These areas are protected to conserve the heritage of places with natural or cultural significance. 

A permit is required for properties within a heritage overlay to perform works including subdivisions, install a rainwater tank that may be visible from the road, install a pergola or verandah, build a swimming pool or many other activities. You’ll find the comprehensive list of permit requirements on the complete Wangaratta Planning Scheme

For more information about submitting an application which may be  subjected to heritage overlay or restrictions, please  contact the Planning Department or request an appointment to speak with Council’s Heritage Consultant on 03 5722 0888.

Referral Authorities

Some planning permit applications need to be referred to a different 'authority' under the Wangaratta Planning Scheme. 

You still need to come through the Council to submit your planning permit application. You can book us in for a meeting, at no charge, to discuss the requirements of your planning permit. This can help you avoid any delays in the process.

Referral authorities for Rural City of Wangaratta include:


Bushfire Management Overlay

The Bushfire Management Overlay includes a statutory provision in planning schemes and a map showing where the provisions apply to specific land.

For those living in an area with a BMO, the requirements for development are clearly specified in the planning scheme so that an applicant can see exactly how their development will be assessed.

A range of bushfire issues such as siting of the building, providing defendable space, on-site water availability and emergency vehicle access will need to be considered.

The BMO provisions ensure that development in areas affected by a significant bushfire hazard will only take place after full consideration of bushfire issues. If risk to life and property from bushfire cannot be reduced to an acceptable level the development will not proceed.

Any planning permit issued under the BMO will include a mandatory condition that requires the homeowner to maintain the bushfire protection measures set out in the permit.

A feature of the BMO is that it enables a council to consider the local nature of bushfire behaviour and risk in an area and allows the council to include local content in a schedule to the overlay where appropriate.

For further information on Bushfire Management Overlay :



Zones and Overlays

The Difference between Zones and Overlays

The Wangaratta Planning Scheme identify Zones and Overlays for properties located within the City.  Every parcel of land is located in a zone. There are residential, industrial, commercial, public and special use zones. Overlays however apply to particular parts of the municipality and for a special reason. For example, there are Heritage Overlays on many areas of the City that have heritage values that need to be protected.

What are Zones?

A Zone is a planning control that allows Council to determine the appropriate use of the land.  A Zone will also specify whether a permit is required for the development of the land. Within all Zones there are three sections of land uses:

  • Section 1: Land uses that do not require a planning permit.
  • Section 2: Land uses that require a planning permit.
  • Section 3: Land uses that are prohibited.

While the use of the land may be permitted (i.e.: Section 1 use), a planning permit is usually still required for the construction of a building or the carrying out of works on the land.

What are Overlays?

An Overlay is an additional layer of planning control that allows Council to determine the type of development that occurs. The Overlay may require an applicant to achieve certain design and building standards when applying for a planning permit. If your land is covered by an overlay you will most likely need a planning permit.

How do I know if a Zone or Overlay applies to my land?

Zone and Overlay maps can be viewed on the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning website, at, and progressing through the links to the Wangaratta Planning Scheme maps.

A copy of the maps can also be viewed by clicking the button below:


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