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Council Strategies

Council undertakes a number of strategies that are key to decision making in planning and setting up future work to ensure there is a planned and equitable approach.

Environment and Environmental Risk

Heritage Studies

Planning Based Policies

Structure Plans and Master Plans

Incorporated and Reference Documents

Incorporated and Reference documents are used in the context of decision making for planning permit applications. These can be referred to for background information or provide further details about a particular land use planning project.

Incorporated Documents

Incorporated documents are considered to be essential to the function of the Wangaratta Planning Scheme (WPS). Incorporated documents are given the same status (in decision making) as any other section of the WPS. A list of Incorporated Documents are found at Clause 81.01 and the Schedule to Clause 81.01 of the WPS. Clause 81.01 lists documents that have been incorporated into all Victorian Planning Schemes. The Schedule lists documents that have been specifically incorporated into the WPS.

See Schedule to Clause 81.01 Incorporated Documents in the Wangaratta Planning Scheme


Reference Documents

Reference documents assist in decision making by providing background information or a reference point to seek further information. Reference documents to the Wangaratta Planning Scheme are identified in Clause 21.12 Reference Documents in the Wangaratta Planning Scheme

For access to documents please contact the Strategy Team on 03 5722 0888.



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