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Planning Scheme Amendments

There are currently no Planning Scheme Amendments on exhibition. When amendments are on exhibition, a brief description will be provided below, with a link to the Department of Land Water and Planning (DELWP) website, where all of the exhibition material can be accessed.

Recent and Current Amendments


C71 - North West and South Residential Growth Areas

Latest News

Council adopted Amendment C71 at its meeting on the 21 August, 2018.  The Amendment has now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for consideration for Approval.

The latest Structure Plans and Development Contributions Plans have been updated.

Relevant costings of capital and land values have been updated to 2018 dollars. 

What the Amendment proposes:

The land affected by the amendment is the Wangaratta North West and Wangaratta South Residential Growth Areas as described below:

The Wangaratta North West Residential Growth Area is generally bounded by Wangandary Road to the north, Christensen Lane, Worland Road and the Three Mile Creek to the east, farming land immediately north of 474 Reith Road and Reith Road to the west.

The Wangaratta South Residential Growth Area is generally bounded by Residential properties adjoining Cribbes Road to the north, Salisbury Street and One Mile Creek to the east, Clarkes Lane to the south and Greta Road to the west.

The Amendment proposes to to amend the Local Planning Policy framework, rezone approximately 500 ha of land and amend particular and general provisions in accordance with the Structure Plans, apply overlays in accordance with the Structure Plans and Development Contribution Plans, enabling the collection of Development Contributions in accordance with Development Contribution Plans and incorporating the documents into the Wangaratta Planning Scheme.

  • The Amendment was exhibited from 19 October 2017 - 30 November 2017.
  • After considering submissions Council has requested the Minister for Planning to appoint an Independent Panel as the next step in the process.
  • Amendment documents can be viewed here

Following the exhibition of this amendment, a Panel was arranged to provide Council with additional directions about outstanding submission (i.e. where there is disagreement between Council and a submitter about the best way to move the amendment forward).

In preparation of the Panel, Council prepared the following documents in support of Planning Scheme Amendment C71:

A Panel has reviewed Planning Scheme Amendment C71 and provided a report to Council which contains a number of recommended actions to address outstanding matters. 

C72 - Wangaratta Golf Course

Amendment C72 applies to Lot 27 LP135240 and addressed as 68 Waldara Drive, Waldara. The land is identified as the Wangaratta Golf Course.

The Amendment is a combined planning permit application and planning scheme amendment under Section 96A of the Act.

What the Amendment Does

The amendment rezones approximately 7.98 hectares of golf course land (Lot 27 LP135240) from Special Use Zone - Schedule 4 (SUZ4) to General Residential Zone - Schedule 1 (GRZ1).

The planning permit aproves:

  • The development of the land for a staged multi lot residential subdivison (59 lots); the removal of native vegetation and the creation of an access to a Road Zone Category One.

The amendment has been approved by the Minister for Planning.

C75 - Local Planning Policy Framework

The amendment affects all land within the municipality as the amendment makes changes to the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS).

The Amendment changes the Wangaratta Planning Scheme, specifically replacing the existing Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF), including the MSS with an updated version, based on the Wangaratta Planning Scheme Review:  background, issues and review report, July 2016.

Schedule 1 to Clause 43.02 Design and Development Overlay Wangaratta Central Activities Area is also amended to delete height controls.

The new Local Planning Policy Framework is clearer and more concise, making policy easier to interpret.

The Amendment has been approved by the Minister for Planning and all changes approved by the Amendment are incorporated into the Wangaratta Planning Scheme.

Other Amendments

The following link provides access to all past Planning Scheme Amendments:


C76 - Wangaratta Industrial Land Use Strategy

The Industrial Strategy was adopted by Council after public advertising in October 2017.  The planning scheme amendment process involves a further public exhibition period, which allows people to review the amendment details and provide written submissions. The relevant recommendations of the Strategy are to be implemented into the Wangaratta Planning Scheme by:

  • Rezoning land and applying relevant planning overlays in accordance with the recommendations of the Strategy.
  • Amending the Local Planning Policy Framework to include the relevant recommendations of the Strategy.
  • Amend Schedules to the Special Use Zone and Design and Development Overlay to update these in line with current Victorian Planning Provision (VPP) templates and use current VPP land use terms.

The public Exhibition Period closed on 27 May 2019.

Council’s Strategic Planning Team are currently assessing all submissions received.

If you have any queries, please phone 03 5722 0888 and ask to speak to a Strategy Planner.

C77 – Wangaratta Aerodrome Masterplan

Amendment C77 applies to land at the Wangaratta Aerodrome and surrounding areas which are contained within the Obstacle Limitation Surface.

What the Amendment Does?

The Amendment will implement the objectives of the Wangaratta Aerodrome Master Plan 2017 (WAMP) and the relevant objectives of the Wangaratta Urban Waterways Flood Investigation 2017 (WUWFI) by undertaking the following:

  1. rezoning land from the Public Use Zone 4 to Special Use Zone –Schedule 8;
  2. rezoning land from the Farming Zone to Special Use Zone –Schedule 8;
  3. applying the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) for airspace protection surfaces based on an Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) plan; and
  4. amending the Flood Overlay and the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay Maps in accordance with the WUWFI.

The amendment will implement the land use planning objectives of the WAMP by rezoning all of the Public Use Zone – Schedule 4 (PUZ4) and part of the Farming Zone (FZ) to Special Use Zone – Schedule 4 (SUZ4).  The SUZ is proposed to be used to enable appropriate development opportunities to be considered for the aerodrome.

The Amendment will also introduce Design and Development Overlay Schedule 6 (DDO6) which includes controls to protect against structures penetrating airspace protection surfaces and requiring planning permits for tall structures such as aerials, antennas, domestic wind turbines, flagpoles, canopy trees and tall vegetation or other high structures which would exceed the OLS height limits.  DDO6 is based on the building height limits recommended in the WAMP.  (Refer to fact sheet and map below for further information on the DDO).

The amendment will also update the Flood Overlay and the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay for land at the Aerodrome Precinct, using the most recent flood data information in accordance with the WUWFI.

The amendment does not alter the current Airport Environs Overlay as it applies to the airport and surrounding land. 

Comment and more information

The amendment is on public exhibition until 6 November 2019.  A full copy of the amendment will be available for viewing at Rural City of Wangaratta, 62-68 Ovens Street, Wangaratta or at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning websit

Council’s Strategic Planning Team can also assist with enquires on particular properties.


C77 – DDO6 Fact Sheet

C77 – DDO6 Interpretative Map

C77 -  DDO6 Interpretative Cross Section

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