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Ovens Street & King George V Gardens

Council has revitalised Ovens Street and King George V Gardens.

Project Overview

Timelines: February - July 2019 (Project Complete)

Objective: To improve Wangaratta’s community and commercial experience within Wangaratta’s CBD area, by creating enjoyable open spaces within Wangaratta’s CBD.

Project Details

Ovens Street:

  • The installation of two pedestrian crossings between the Co-Store and King George V Gardens
  • New street lighting to improve pedestrian safety conditions
  • The replacement of angle parking with parallel parking on Ovens Street
  • Additional streetscape trees and garden beds
  • Additional streetscape seating
  • New streetscape bins (garbage & recycling)

King George V Gardens:

  • Landscaping and improved garden amenities
  • Upgraded community stage
  • Additional park seating
  • New park shelter
  • New streetscape bins (garbage & recycling)
  • Rendering of existing toilet block
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