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Swimming Pools

A building permit is required for the construction of all safety barriers and all types of pools and spas capable of holding more than 300mm depth of water.

A permit is also required if you are installing new or altering any part of an existing swimming pool safety barrier.


What is a Swimming Pool or Spa?

A swimming pool or spa is any excavation or structure capable of containing a depth of water greater than 300mm and used principally for swimming, wading, paddling, or the like.  This includes any inflatable or temporary swimming pools or a spa (even if it has a lockable cover).

Safety barriers are not required for bird baths, fish ponds, fountains, dams and water storage tanks, however the owner has a duty of care to ensure these are safe.

Maintaining your Safety Barrier

As an owner of a swimming pool or spa, you are responsible for taking all reasonable steps to ensure any fence or barrier restricting access to a swimming pool or spa is maintained and operating effectively.  A maintenance checklist (also available as a Mobile app) is available from Royal Life Saving Australia.

We also provide a non-mandatory pool compliance service.  At your request, we can arrange for a registered Building Inspector to attend your property and ensure the compliance of your swimming pool safety barrier.  Once this is completed and compliant, we can issue a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance.  The fee for this service can be found in the Building Department fee schedule.

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