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Little Locals

We’re on the hunt for some little locals to help promote the beautiful city of Wangaratta in an upcoming campaign! 

Picture of children under banner casting call

We’re looking for kids aged between 6 to 10 years old with all sorts of different interests and hobbies.  We want to hear their stories, and what they think makes Wangaratta a great place to grow up in and live in. 

Whether they’ve moved from the big smoke, another town or have always lived here, we want to hear about it and why Wangaratta is special to them.

This might include:

  • Sports, sports, sports! Do they love playing footy or are they an enthusiastic swimmer (who will love the new aquatic facilities!)? Or maybe they simple have a nice big backyard to run around in!
  • The great outdoors – mountain biking, hiking and camping adventures on your doorstep!
  • School – love their teachers and friends! They get to play on the same netball team as their friends 
  • Arts and events – Seeing children’s shows at the Wangaratta Performing Arts and Convention Centre, or attending regional events. 
  • Social – They live close to their friends so can easily socialise. Or perhaps they just love going down to the local café for a milkshake! 

Key dates:

  • Online Meet & Greet: Oct 15 – 23rd
  • Shoot: Half a day per each child on one of the following dates: Nov 10, 11 and 12th. 

If this sounds like your little star, fill in the application form here:

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