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Fire Information

For information on the January 2020 fire, including rate relief please visit this page

Preparing and Responding to fire risk

Being ready for fire is the key to 'Prepare.Act.Survive'.  If you live in an area at risk of bushfire or grassfire you should have a Bushfire Survival Plan and advice on these is available from CFA Victoria

All plans should include information on leaving early on days of high fire danger and understanding the risk posed by fire to your property and how to prepare your property including removal of fuel from around your property.

Understanding fire risk

Information on fire emergencies

Emergency Victoria

CFA Victoria

Information on understanding fire risk

CFA Victoria - Total Fire Bans and Fire Danger Ratings

Protecting your home or property

One of the most important aspects of preparing your property for fire season is removal of fuel and vegetation from around your home and property.  It is important that all properties are prepared for and protected from fire and this includes commercial and industrial allotments. 

Fire in the home is a major cause of property damage, death and injury across Victoria.  There are over 3,000 house fires each year in Victoria and they are almost all preventable. Working smoke alarms, checking appliances for damage and wear and ensuring that fire places and flues are well maintained all contribute to protecting your home from fire.  Further information on preventing fire in the home can be found here

Your obligations as a property owner

The Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (MFPO) conducts inspections within the township areas of Wangaratta including places such as Glenrowan, Whitfield and Eldorado.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your property is fire ready and if a fire hazard is identified you will be issued with a Fire Prevention Notice outlining the works you need to complete and a date that works are required by and your property will be re-inspected to ensure the fire hazard has been removed and the works completed.

If you do not comply with a Fire Prevention Notice you may be fined and be required to pay any costs that Council incurs for works such as slashing or vegetation removal.  The minimum penalty for non-compliance with a notice is over $1,000.

Permits to burn and burning off in township areas

The Rural City of Wangaratta along with all rural areas of Victoria is subject to annual restrictions on burning off on agricultural or rural areas. Information on fire restrictions and what you can and can't do during fire restrictions and days of Total Fire Ban can be found here

Burning off restrictions exist all year round in Township areas including Wangaratta township,  There is to be no burning off without a permit and these will only be issued outside of the Fire Danger Period.  Please contact Council for further information on burning off.

See below for more information and application forms.


Neighbourhood Safer Places

Four (4) Neighbourhood Safer Places have been identified across the Rural City of Wangaratta.

Town Location Address


Cheshunt Hall

Cnr King Valley Road and Upper King Valley Road

Cheshunt 3678


Eldorado Memorial Hall

Main Street (opposite McKoy Street)

Eldorado 3746


Glenrowan Recreation Reserve Community Centre Hall

Daniel Lane

Glenrowan 3675


Whitfield Recreation Reserve Sports Pavillion

Mansfield - Whitfield Road

Whitfield 3733

No place can be guaranteed as safe in a bushfire.

Neighbourhood Safer Places are places of last resort (for use when people’s other plans have failed or cannot be followed) where a person’s prospects of survival may be better than other places, but cannot be guaranteed.

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