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Walking and Cycling Strategy

The Rural City of Wangaratta are preparing a Walking and Cycling Strategy with the aim to increase the number of people walking and cycling in the Rural City of Wangaratta.

Two cyclists on swing bridge in Wangaratta

The strategy will identify the following:

  • Ways to make walking and cycling easier and more accessible and more enjoyable for more people. 
  • Priority improvements to the quality, safety and continuous nature of facilities to better connect people to where they want to go. 
  • What can be done to create a culture of cycling and walking in Wangaratta planning and management functions. 
  • How to encourage more people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to ride and walk for longer and more often.

Why is Council doing this?

There are considerable benefits of walking and cycling. These include the personal benefits of physical exercise and the mental health benefits of being outdoors. Walking and cycling are very affordable ways to travel and stay fit, to socialise and reduce stress and see the outdoors.

More people walking and cycling in the Rural City of Wangaratta will mean better health outcomes for the community, less traffic congestion and demand for parking, quieter, cleaner and a greener environment. More visitors walking and cycling in Wangaratta will also mean more economic benefits for the municipality.

The strategy will guide Council's planning and management priorities over the next 10 years, determine how Wangaratta could be more pedestrian and bicycle friendly as well as guide funding decisions, including projects that should seek external funding.

Why have input into the strategy?

Community input will help us to see what is important to the community about walking and cycling. Your comments will also help Council prioritise actions to make the Rural City of Wangaratta more walking and cycling friendly.

Please tell us:

  • What problems you encounter when you walk or ride.
  • What improvements could be made to help people to walk and ride.
  • About opportunities to expand the current path network, off-road trails, bike lanes or gaps in existing facilities. 
  • How your school, workplace or local community could encourage more people to walk or ride.

Ways to get involved

The survey, written submissions and comments on the map are now closed. You can still view our mapping comments here:​

Please stay involved and provide input via our Facebook page, or get in contact with the project team through the details below:  

Contact: Monique Hillenaar | Projects & Recreation Officer | 5722 0824 |

Stay tuned for the release of the draft strategy.

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