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Environmentally Sustainable Design

The Rural City of Wangaratta Council (RCoW) and 8 partner councils prepared a research paper on Environmentally Sustainable Design in Regional Subdivision.

The research paper included a list case studies of ESD in residential development. The case studies obtained from the literature review provide evidence that there are benefits from adopting subdivision-based ESD measures.

Subdivisions encompass dwellings, lots, street space, green spaces, shared and private utilities and any additional amenities such as shops, educational facilities, recreational facilities and town centres.

For subdivisions, it is important to highlight the relationships between the larger subdivision estate, lots and dwellings which are intrinsically linked.

ESD subdivisions are located and designed to use resources more effectively and to improve quality of life. They aim to use resources so that the needs of today’s communities are met, while ensuring that these same resources remain available to meet the needs of future generations.

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