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Parking Fines and Appeals

Below are the options available if you incur a parking fine.

Before deciding whether to appeal your fine, please click on "View My Infringement" and type in your infringement and registration numbers to see the photos taken at the time your infringement was issued.

Paying your infringement

Payments can be made through Council's Online Payment Portal. 

Payments can also be made using cash, cheque or credit card can be made in person at Council Offices, or by mailing a Cheque or Money Order to the Rural City of Wangaratta, PO Box 238 Wangaratta 3676. 

Apply for a payment arrangement

If you are unable to pay your Infringement Notice/s by the due date, you can apply to have Council refer the matter/s to Fines Victoria for a Payment Arrangement. Fines Victoria will contact you to negotiate a payment schedule with flexible payment options. Please refer to the Application for Fines Victoria Payment Arrangement form below for more information.

Applications should be made to Council before the Infringement due date.  Please note, a Council Facilitated Payment Plan is also available for Concession Card Holders. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information on 03 5722 0888.


Fines incurred by a person other than the vehicle owner

If you have received an infringement and were not responsible for the vehicle at the time of the offence complete the relevant Owner Statement and return to Council within 28 days of the date of the infringement.

Fill in this online form or download the Owner Statement application form below.

Contest your infringement

For information about about parking laws in Victoria and what to do if you get a fine, order a free copy of the booklet Parking, the law and you or view the publication online. 

If you believe your infringement should be withdrawn you can:

Appeal your infringement with Council

Download the application form and important information about infringement appeals below.

Note, the following are not considered valid reasons for withdrawal of parking infringements:

  • Poor visibility due to weather.
  • Not noticing a sign.
  • Reading only part of a multi-panel sign.
  • Being unable to read the sign from the front seat of the car.
  • Forgetting to read the sign because you were concentrating on other things.
  • Not noticing that a sign/restriction had been changed.
  • Being new to the area and unfamiliar with the restrictions (applies regardless of whether the driver is from Victoria, interstate or overseas).

Elect to have your infringement heard in Court

Please notify Council if you would like to dispute your infringement before a magistrate. You will receive a summons advising the date, time and place of your hearing. If your appeal is successful the fine will be dropped however if you are unsuccessful you will be liable for the fine, plus additional court and Council costs.

Statement of disclosure

During the course of an enforcement matter, as authorised by legislation, Council may request and receive vehicle registration information from third parties.

Personal information collected is used solely for the purpose of issuing an infringement notice and any subsequent legal action. The personal information will be held securely and used solely for this purpose.

Council may disclose this information to the Magistrate’s Court, Sheriff’s Office or its legal advisers, or other organisations where required by law.

Your vehicle or number plates were stolen at time of offence

If you believe your vehicle, trailer or number plates (as referenced on the infringement notice) had been stolen at the time the infringement was issued, please complete the Illegal User Statement form and return to Council.

You were not responsible for vehicle at time of offence

If you were not responsbile for the vehicle at the time of the offence but know who was, please complete the Known User Statement form and return to Council.

If you were not responsbile for the vehicle at the time of the ofence but DON'T know who was, please complete the Unknown User Statement form and return to Council. 

Your vehicle had been sold to another person at the time of the offence

If your vehicle had been sold to another person when the offence occurred, please complete the sold user statement

You have been nominated as being responsible for an offence, but dispute this

Please complete the Nomination Rejection Statement and return to Council

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