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About the program

The Rural City of Wangaratta community was a driving force behind $1.2 million of funding being received from the Federal Government to help deliver the Grit and Resilience program.

Four Community Partners provide a community perspective in the program’s strategy, governing the program alongside representatives from the Rural City of Wangaratta, Victoria Police, The Department of Health and Human Services, Albury Wodonga Health, Murray Primary Health Network, Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service, Gateway Health and headspace Albury Wodonga. 

It will be the decisions and input of our community which drive and inform the activities of the program and the resulting positive impacts to our community.

It is anticipated that through empowering our community to build grit, resilience and connection, we are better placed to bounce back from adversity together.

It is expected the program will result in broad benefits to the health and wellbeing of our community, with suicide prevention being just one of the program’s long term aims.

To find out more about our Community Partners please click here.


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