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Wangaratta Aerodrome

Wangaratta Aerodrome is located 7km directly south of the city, close to the Hume Highway and is owned and operated by the Rural City of Wangaratta.

Wangaratta aerodrome is the only aerodrome serving the municipality and providse for general aviation, emergency services and occasional RAAF flights.The aerodrome was opened in 1984 on a site purchased by the City of Wangaratta in 1982.


  • 1640m sealed runway (18/36) Code 3C classification, 30m width. Runway strip width 150m
  • 530m grass runway (09/27) Code 1B classification, 18m width. Runway strip width 60m


Aerodrome lighting

  • 18/36 Runway edge lighting
  • 18/36 Runway threshold lighting
  • 18/36 Runway end lighting
  • Taxiway Edge lighting


Navigational aids at Wangaratta Aerodrome include the following:

  • Pilot Activated Runway Lighting
  • Illuminated Wind Indicator
  • Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (AFRU)


Airport facilities

  • Regular Public Transport (RPT) apron,
  • General Aviation (GA) apron 
  • Grassed tie-down areas for light aircaraft parking
  • A terminal facility  
  • Various aviation support facilities.
  • An aircraft refuelling facility is also available adjacent to the apron. The facility currently provides Jet A1 fuel and Avgas, is operated by a bowser and accepts payment by card.


Aircraft maintanance and servicing can be undertaken by businesses currently operating from the commercial hangers at the Aerodrome.

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