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Bike Jumps

This page has been developed to help keep residents and bike jump users updated about plans to creat supported jumps sites in Wangaratta.

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Email to bike jumps users 18 September 2020

On Monday Councillors will make a decision on the future of bike jumps in Wangaratta. This will happen at the Council Meeting, which starts at 6pm and can be viewed online by following this link

We understand Council Meetings can be difficult to follow if you haven’t been to one before, so we will be sending out an update after the meeting to let you know what happened.

At the end of this email are the full details on what Council is being asked to vote on. To summarise, we are recommending four sites be established at:

•             Arlington Park

•             St Bernard’s version 2 (200m down from exiting site)

•             Valdoris Avenue (this replaces the “Homestead Life” site we had previously talked about)

•             Railway area at Sydney Beaches

Each of these sites would have signage installed and dirt supplied. A track designer would also be available to work with you to help build knowledge of jumps designs. We know you love to construct your own jumps, but having this guidance will being these jumps to a much safer, and more enjoyable level.

Once these sites have been established, Council would remove many  of the other jumps sites around town. This is because building jumps anywhere and everywhere just can’t continue. There has been a lot of complaints to Council and in many cases there has been environmental damage. We understand you may be attached to your particular jumps sites but we’re confident that you will enjoy the new jump sites even more – and you will be much safer, without worrying about having negative interactions with other members of the community.

We look forward to sharing the news from Monday’s Council Meeting. Below is the recommendation Councillors will vote on:

We are asking that Council:

Endorses the following recommendation for the management of informal bike jumps throughout Wangaratta:

1. Confirm the following sites as designated supported jumps sites within Wangaratta:

  • Arlington Park
  • St Bernard’s version 2 (200m down from exiting site)
  • Valdoris Avenue
  • Railway area at Sydney Beaches

2. Remove existing and emerging jumps under the following situations:

They are in inappropriate areas;

  • Culturally or socially significant (commemorative sites)
  • Sensitive environmental areas
  • Interferes with normal Council maintenance operation
  • They are causing significant damage to a public use area
  • They are dangerous to riders and people using the area
  • They are constructed from dangerous materials

3. Install appropriate signage across three different types of sites:

  • Signage at the sites of managed jumps.
  • Signage at areas where jumps have been removed.
  • Signage at areas that have risk of jump construction.

4. Work with jump builders on the design and construction at the supported sites. This will include:

  • Dirt will be dropped at each supported site.
  • A track designer will be engaged to run workshops to build a knowledge base around safe jumps and tracks.
  • Establish criteria on how the tracks can be altered.
  • Ensure visit sites on a regular basis to assess jumps
  • Regular inspections of the tracks and jumps to ensure that the criteria are being followed. 

5. Monitor the success of this approach on an ongoing basis and adjust as required.

Proposed Jump Sites Below

Below are proposed jump sites to be located in Wangaratta. The black outlined sections of the maps are where jumps are proposed. Note: the West End document has two sites (Arlington and West End).

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