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Rural Road Numbers (RRN)

Rural Road Numbering is a permanent and easy to follow means of identifying properties in sequence along any street or road in non-urban areas.

Killawarra Rural Road

The advent of rural addressing occurred in 1986 in the Shire of Corio and was taken up by the Rural City of Wangaratta around 2003. Rural Road Numbers improve the efficiency of deliveries to, and collections from, your property as well as making it easier for visitors to find your home.

Making your property easy to locate is particularly important in emergency situations when time is critical. Emergency services can be delayed if a property address is difficult to find. It is important to use your rural road number when providing your address, and that the number is clearly displayed on the main access point to your residence.

How Rural Road Numbers Work

Numbers are determined by measuring the distance, in metres, from the start of the road to the primary entrance point of your property. The distance is divided by 10, and rounded down. Odd numbers are on the left side of the road and even numbers are on the right.

For example: if your property is located 880 metres from the start of the road and on the left side, you will be assigned a RRN of 87.

Visible road numbers provide a reference point to locate other numbered properties along the road by indicating the direction, distance and side of the road that the property being sought can be found.

Obtaining a Rural Road Number

If you are building a new home (outside the Urban Address Boundary) and have constructed your driveway and/or entrance to your property, you will need to contact Council’s Property & Revenue Department on (03) 5722 0838 to apply for a Rural Road Number.

We will then allocate your Rural Road Number and provide you with reflective numbers that should be affixed to the main entrance of your property.

Numbers should also be applied for if you have never had one previously or the entrance point to your property has moved since the RRN was originally assigned. 

Property Owner's Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of residents to display their property number so that it is seen clearly from the road. This is important in ensuring a fast response by emergency services and service providers such as Australia Post or Utility Companies.

If you are unsure about your property number contact Council’s Property & Revenue Department on (03) 5722 0838.

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