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Land Information Certificate

Land Information Certificates (LICs) provide information regarding valuation, rates, charges and other moneys owing, and are usually used by solicitors/conveyancers to calculate settlement amounts when a property transfers. 

An LIC provides information regarding valuation, rates, charges, other moneys owing and any orders and notices made under the Local Government Act 1989, the Local Government Act 1958 or under a local law of Council.

It is not required to include information regarding planning, building, health, land fill, land slip, flooding information or service easements. Information regarding these matters may be available from Council or the relevant authority.

Anyone can apply for an LIC, although usually it is your solicitor or conveyancer who does this for you. Privacy Act requirements may apply.

The certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and Council will provide a verbal update within this period.

Making an Application

Please download and complete this Property Enquiry Application Form. You will then need to forward a completed copy, together with your cheque, to the Rural City of Wangaratta, Rate Department, PO Box 238, WANGARATTA VIC 3676. 


Standard: The prescribed fee for an LIC under section 229(2)(b) of the Act from 1 July 2019 is $27.00 (no GST) payable prior to receiving the certificate. Your certificate will generally be sent within 3 business days of receipt.

Priority: Your certificate will generally be sent within 1 business day of receipt. The priority fee is $72.50 (GST inclusive) + $27.00 (Standard fee); totalling $99.50.

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