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Pedestrian Safety in Wangaratta's CBD

Council is encouraging community members to get involved in a conversation about improving pedestrian safety in Wangaratta’s CBD.

This includes introducing a 40km/h area across the CBD and establishing four new pedestrian priority crossings.

Council’s Director – Infrastructure Services Alan Clark said that the community has often raised concerns about it being difficult to walk around and cross CBD streets, and that there can be confusion with the variety of speed limits that apply.

“We currently have a mix across our roads of time based school speed zones, permanent 40km/h, 50km/h and 60km/h that can cause confusion,” he said.

Council has developed concept designs for an initial four pedestrian priority crossing locations;

  • Reid Street, at Victoria Parade
  • Ovens Street, at Woolworths
  • Ford Street, at the Performing Arts and Convention Centre
  • Ford Street, at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral    

These pedestrian crossings would be in addition to two that are included in the Ovens Street redevelopment.

Designs for the pedestrian priority crossings, and the parts of the CBD being considered for the introduction of a 40km/h area can be viewed on Council’s website and at the Wangaratta Government Centre.  In addition, a pop-up session where members of the community will be able to speak with Council officers will be held in Molony’s Arcade on Friday, 8 February from 3pm – 5pm.

Mr Clark said once gaining community views, Council could then work with VicRoads on solutions.

“Our CBD contains a mix of Council roads and roads managed by VicRoads, so we need to work together in coming up with ways that we can improve the situation for pedestrians and for our community.”

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