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National Recycling Week 2020

We are proud to support the National Recycling Week organised by Planet Ark, from the 9th to the 15th of November 2020.

This year's theme ”Recovery - A future beyond the bin” invites us to value our resources, to reuse and recycle.
This week is an opportunity for everyone to improve their recycling knowledge and habits and to get involved at home, at the workplace and in the community!

Ways to get involved

Below are some easy-to-do actions to get involved with your friends, family, colleagues and members of your community. Organise one… or all of them! And contribute to a better recycling and waste reduction, for this week… and after! If you need more information or support, contact our waste services. 

Find some information and express yourself on waste at the library

The library is opened again, and they will display all week some information and books about waste and recycling, but also a wall of expression so you can express your ideas on waste! 
Planet Ark also have a mini guide with 6 steps to take to transition to a future beyond the bin. Download it and take a step for a better future!

Know your recycling labels!

Have you seen the new campaign “Check it! Before you chuck it”?  
Because Australians and New Zealanders want to recycle right but can sometimes be confused with the recycling logos, the Australasian Recycling Label makes it easy to find the good bin for each packaging. Disposing our waste correctly helps saving resources by reducing the amount going to the landfill, and keeps contamination out of the recycling process.

How does it work? It’s easy, there are 3 types of labels, explained in this video and on Planet Ark's website.
What about e-waste?
Did you know that e-waste has not been accepted in general waste since 1 July 2019?
But wait, what is e-waste? It is any item with a plug, a battery or a power cord. Each Australian dispose in average 21.7Kg of e-waste per year! Our e-waste can contain hazardous material and shouldn’t go to the landfill. When we dispose our e-waste correctly, it can be recovered in different ways depending on the item, and the materials they contain can be recycled which will save our precious resources.
Find out more on the e-waste campaign website by Sustainability Victoria.

Where to dispose your e-waste? They are all accepted in our transfer stations.

But to make recycling more accessible to everyone, you can dispose of computing items (Keyboards, laptops…) and mobile phones and accessories at our collection points in the Government Centre and the library, and in some participating shops. 

Are you worried about recycling your mobile phone or computer because of your data? Check out the tutorial to delete it safely. 

Do you want to involve your kids in recycling at home for the National recycling week?
Download our new Recycling Rules colouring page

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