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Love Rural Wangaratta

The Rural City of Wangaratta recognises the importance of ‘place’ for a community and will focus on strengthening the connection and use people have for the places and spaces they share.

Projectura and Regional Design Service have been engaged to use a placemaking approach to prepare District Plans to test the Baseline Plans and uncover the potential of the rural areas of Wangaratta. The District Plans will identify priorities for the rural Districts of Wangaratta.

During February and March, people who live, work and play in the rural townships of Wangaratta were invited to share in the conversation about their District at a number of sessions across the municipality.

Thanks to everyone who came along to these sessions. The information that was gathered is being used to develop plans for each of the rural districts and will go to a council meeting before the public is given another opportunity to make a comment. 

Rural Districts

The five Districts for the Rural Placemaking Project have been established based on a number of factors including geographic proximity, natural community connections, education/employment/service links and shared facilities. The Districts are:
• Northern District
• Ovens Valley District
• Snow Road District
• King Valley District
• Greta Valley District

District Map

Stage one of the Rural Placemaking Project plans will result in the development of five District Plans, which will detail priorities for the area, including projects that will address social, recreational, economic and infrastructure needs.

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