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A Dog's Business

Stress less when you take your furry friend for a walk by the river, with four new organic dog litter stations placed along the Bullawah Cultural Trail.

Dog Bin Rifle Range

The stations, installed by the Rural City of Wangaratta, each comprise of a dog poo litter bin with a ‘pick up after your dog’ themed sign, and a dispenser where dog walkers can get compostable dog poo bags.

This is in response to a community push for the bins, particularly along the Ovens River.

The Bullawah Cultural Trail is one of the most popular walking routes in town, and one that we would all like to see left as pristine as possible.

To avoid contamination, residents are reminded that only dog poo litter and compostable dog poo bags can be placed in the bins.

Dog owners can be fined $317 for not cleaning up after their dogs.

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