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Creating an Age-friendly Community

Council has been fortunate to obtain funding from the Victorian Government to explore opportunities with the community about how to create an age-friendly community where older people can work, live, play and feel as a valued member of the community. 

Age-friendly communities support older adults by designing policies, services and structures related to the physical and social environments that help older people to live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved.

Following the successful Age-Friendly Forum held in November 2018 and the work of our fantastic group of volunteer Age-Friendly Ambassadors we have developed three projects identified during the course of community consultation.  These projects are:

  1. Access Community Connect program

To provide a service to be able to direct older people to the information they need via telephone and a supported website with a physical presence to an established friendly environment supported by Community Accessibility volunteers at the Access Spot located in King George Gardens within the Wangaratta CBD.

  1. Good Neighbour program

To provide basic home maintenance services to older residents located in the King Valley. Provided by a pool of volunteers, this service would assist older residents who find it difficult to engage contractors to do minor works around the home due to the prohibitive cost of travel and time. This service will also assist older people to remain in their own homes and reduce the impact of isolation within the community as well as benefitting volunteers who want to contribute to their community.

  1. Improved Transportation to Stay Independent

To provide annual workshops and subsidised driver refresher courses to enable older drivers to update their road rules and to enhance driving skills to accommodate a longer driving lifestyle.  This program will also offer information to alternate community and public transport options for older residents when they relinquish driver licences to enable them to remain connected to their communities and interests.

In addition an audit and map of available transport resources will be undertaken to support local planning and development of strategic aligned public transport options, to identify gaps, linkages and facilitate access and inclusion.

With the identification of these projects Council will be working with the Age-Friendly Ambassadors, stakeholders and the community to implement the programs over the next 18 months.

If you are interested in being involved please contact Community and Recreation officers on 03 5722 0888.

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