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Special Committees

The Wangaratta Rural City Council has 16 standing Special Committees.  

15 of these are convened to control and manage the various Council owned community facilities and one, the Friends of Lacluta Special Committee related to Council’s relationship with the community of Lacluta in Timor Leste.

Committee objectives

These committees generally have the following objectives:

1. To control and manage the facility in an efficient and effective manner, in the best interests of the Council, residents and users of the facility.

2. To ensure that its financial affairs are conducted in accordance with accepted accounting standards and regulations.

3. To recommend a Schedule of Fees and Charges that will enable the Committee to meet all of its liabilities and to return an annual surplus on its operations.

4. To prepare strategic plans and reports for the future development of the facility and its resources.

5. To promote public interest in and support for the management and development of the facility.

6. As appropriate to promote both locally and regionally, the use of the facility as a venue for entertainment, recreational and cultural events.

7. To act as a co-ordinating body between the Council and the community, clubs, schools, users and potential users of the facility.

8. To act at all times within the policies, guidelines and rules established by the Council which are relevant to the Committee’s activities.


  • Bowmans-Murmungee Memorial Hall and Tennis Reserve Special Committee
  • Carboor Soldiers Memorial Hall & Recreation Reserve Special Committee
  • Edi Upper Hall and Recreation Reserve Special Committee
  • Eldorado Memorial Hall Special committee
  • Everton Hall and Sporting Complex Special Committee
  • Friends of Lacluta Special Committee
  • Milawa Hall and Park Special Committee
  • Moyhu Soldiers Memorial Hall Special Committee
  • Myrrhee Soldiers Memorial Hall Special Committee
  • North Wangaratta Sports Reserve Special Committee
  • Old Murmungee Hall Special Committee
  • Oxley Shire Hall Special Committee
  • Whitfield Recreation Reserve Special Committee
  • Whorouly Public Hall Special Committee
  • Whorouly Memorial Park Special Committee
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