Compliments, Complaints and Feedback


Listening to your feedback is an important part of Council's community promise. We promise that we will work our hardest to be a team you can be proud of.

Knowing whether you wish to submit a request or provide a compliment, complaint or feedback will help us take the right kind of action to assist you as soon as possible. 

  • To get Council to fix an issue, please submit a request via the Report or Request web page and select one of the categories relevant to your request. If there isn't a category for your issue or request, simply submit a General request and we will triage the request to the correct department. 



Share a positive experience you had with us, and we'll make sure the person or team involved get the recognition they deserve.

Give a compliment



If something's not right, we want to know about it so we have the chance to improve.

If you would like to know more about the complaints process, you can read our Complaints Policy

Make a complaint  



We welcome feedback on your experience, our processes, decisions, services and staff. We use feedback from you, positive or negative, to monitor and improve our service for the benefit of all of our customers.