Youth Council

Our Youth Council is helping to shape the future of Wangaratta!

Youth Council is a group of up to 20 young people aged 14 - 18 years old who meet regularly to discuss youth issues, help organise youth & community events, take part in leadership forums and self development activities. They help young people have input into Council decisions. Youth Councillors are appointed to one year terms and are empowered to:

  • Talk with other young people to find out what important issues they are facing
  • Provide advice to Council to ensure young people’s voices are heard
  • Create and organise youth and community events and initiatives to make our young people feel safe, supported and engaged.
  • Work with other community groups to make our community a great place to be for everyone!

Nominations for the 2021 Youth Council are currently closed. When they open again, they will be advertised.