Seniors Events

Living an active and socially-inclusive life into retirement and the senior years results in a happier and healthy lifestyle.

Physical and social activities

Research shows senior residents who take part in planned activities and regularly catch up with other members of the community benefit not only in a fitness sense, but also mentally.

Wangaratta residents can choose from a range of activities run by organisations such as Gateway Health and Northeast Health. These include:

  • Strength and balance classes to maintain flexibility and all-round health
  • Exercise and relaxation classes
  • Specialised gym sessions
  • Walking groups tailored to individual fitness levels
  • Memory support classes for both residents and carers
  • Focus on foot health and podiatry services to help maintain foot care

Wangaratta is also bless with an extensive set of walking and cycling paths, along with a number of beautiful parks which you can enjoy! 


Volunteering is the very essence of a community. It indicates how cohesive residents work together and provides vital links between both the young and the aged in the community. Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Provides a sense of purpose and the feeling of making a difference
  • Increases happiness
  • Meeting people and remaining part of the community

Senior residents are encouraged to consider what they can give back to the community. This could include volunteering to help another resident with gardening, going for a walk or reading. Alternatively you can volunteer to help out at an event or venue. 

The North East Victoria Volunteer Skillsbank is one organisation that provides a free service to match the skills of volunteers with a role in the community that would suit them. You can also volunteer directly with: