Droving and movement of livestock

Droving of livestock

Some farmers in the Rural City of Wangaratta drove livestock at various parts of the year. If you would like to drove livestock, please contact us to ensure the area you are wanting to drove is suitable. 

For further information on droving livestock, please contact our Community Compliance Officer on 03 5722 0888 or create a customer request

Movement of livestock

Movement of livestock means moving stock between adjoining or adjacent properties. If you are doing this using the road reserve, it does not require a permit as long as it is done in daylight hours (and at not less than one km/hr). However you must adhere to the requirements of Droving of Livestock Local Law(PDF, 94KB)

It is also recommended you read the VicRoads Manual for Traffic Control at Stock Crossings, which provides guidance about the correct signage.