Firewood Collection to Open

Published on 29 March 2021

Yellow footed antechinus

The Rural City of Wangaratta’s two firewood depots open to the community from 8:30am on Wednesday 7th April 2021.

You can find out how to access our firewood depots here 

Sourcing firewood sustainably helps protect native animals.

In North East Victora, animals like the Yellow-footed Antechinus (pictured), Carpet Python and Brush-tailed Phascogale rely on hollows in both live and dead trees for their habitat.

This is why the Rural City of Wangaratta has two firewood collection depots where timber salvaged from storm events, Council’s works program and firewood plantation timber is made available.

Council’s Natural Resource Management Officer Vanessa Thompson said it is important to consider the impact of firewood collection on our local wildlife and ecosystems.

“Fallen branches and logs are very important habitat for ground-dwelling fauna such as frogs and lizards,” she said.

“Decomposing wood provides habitat and food for a diversity of invertebrates, fungi and bacteria which in turn are food for larger animals.”

Roadsides hold particular importance for local wildlife. While Council does grant permits for roadside firewood collection on some roads, many are classified as having a high and medium conservation value, meaning collection of timber is not allowed.

Anyone planning to collect wood from roadsides must first check the conservation value of the road with Council, before applying for a permit.

“Unpermitted harvest of firewood on high and medium conservation roadsides contributes to habitat decline and is a direct threat to biodiversity,” Ms Thompson said.

“Due to extensive historical clearing roadsides often represent the only remaining habitat for some indigenous plant and animal species, without which they may become locally extinct.”

If you purchase firewood you can ask where the wood was sourced from. If you suspect illegal collection or selling of firewood you can report it to DELWP on 136 186 or to Council on 5722 0888.

Accessing firewood from Council depots without a permit will result in a fine. Council has recently fined people for stealing firewood and does monitor the depots


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