C79 Wangaratta Health Precinct Structure Plan (On Exhibition)

Amendment Update:

Council considered six (6) submissions received to the amendment at its April Council meeting.  In response to these submission, Council decided to split the amendment into two parts in order to respond to requested changes within submissions, details are below:

Part 1 of the amendment was adopted with some minor changes and includes all exhibited changes with the exception of the planned rezoning of Strategic Site E (39-41 Roy Street West, Wangaratta).  This part of the amendment has now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.   

Part 2 of the amendment was not adopted.  Council has resolved to undertake further investigations into the rezoning of Strategic Site E under this part, to a less intensive residential land due to the flood risk associated with part of the precinct.  These investigations will continue and when finalized re-exhibition of part 2 will occur.   


What the Amendment proposes:

In summary the principle focus of the amendment is to:

  • Implement the key recommendations of the Wangaratta Health Precinct Structure Plan 2019 into the Planning Scheme, through specific new local policy, the rezoning of land and the application of overlays.

The amendment also seeks to:

  • Rezone land at 8 Sadler Street, Wangaratta (former Max Parkinson Lodge) from Public Use Zone to General Residential Zone.
  • Amend the single dwelling planning permit trigger in the relevant schedules to the General and Neighbourhood Residential Zones that applies across the Municipality. 

Amendment Documents:

All of the amendment documents can be downloaded from the following link:

The Health precinct Structure Plan:

Councils adopted Health Structure Plan can be found here:

Wangaratta-Health-Precinct-Structure-Plan.pdf(PDF, 17MB)

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following questions have been put together to assist the community in understanding some key aspects of the amendment.  For full details of the amendment please refer to amendment documentation.  

What area of Wangaratta is defined as being in the Health Precinct?

The Health Precinct is defined as being generally bound by a combination of Rowan and Templeton Streets to the north, the Railway Line to the east, Roy Street West to the south and Swan Street to the west. The One Mile Creek passes through the south-western corner of the Study Area.  The map below outlines the Precinct in red.  



Why is Council Rezoning 8 Sadler Street (former Max Parkinson Lodge)?

The rezoning of the land at 8 Sadler Street is to reflect the change of ownership of the land.  The land is no longer in public ownership and the public use zone is no longer appropriate, therefore the amendment proposes rezoning to General Residential Zone which is consistent with the surrounding private land. 

Why is Council altering the permit triggers for the General Residential and Neighbourhood Residential Zones?

Council has resolved to amend the planning permit trigger for the construction of a dwelling on a lot from 500sqm to 300sqm, which is the default position of the zones. 

Why is Council applying the Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO) to sites within the Health Precinct?

The EAO is a planning overlay to recognise land that is considered to be potentially contaminated.  The determination of what land is potentially contaminated is based on an assessment against a set of defined criteria that centres around past and present land uses.

It should be noted that the application of the overlay does not definitively mean that the land is contaminated, it just recognises that it has the potential to be contaminated.

The overlay requires that prior to the establishment of sensitive uses certain investigations must be undertaken to the satisfaction of an EPA accredited auditor to ensure that the land is fit for purpose and safe for the community.  

Require Assistance: If you require assistance with the amendment or want to make an appointment to talk to a Strategic Planner please contact us either via stratgic.planning@wangaratta.vic.gov.au or 5722 0888.