Wareena Park Masterplan


About: The Wareena Park Masterplan is a 10 year infrastructure plan developed tin consultation with user groups and the broader community. It has a vision to transform Wareena Park into a "multi-generational place for all".

Project includes: 

  • A new sports pavilion
  • A new community hub building
  • Seniors Exercise Area
  • Picnic and gathering space
  • Nature Based Adventure Play/Recreational Area
  • Events Lawn
  • Main Carpark Reconfiguration
  • Wayfinding/Signage Element
  • Wareena Park Oval Improvements
  • New Sports Entrance, Drop Off Area & Car Park
  • Junior Play & Spectator Viewing Area
  • Seating Options
  • Coronation Kindergarten Entrance/Exit
  • Formalised Car Park
  • Cycling Launch Spot
  • Fitness Circuits
  • Preservation of the Existing Significant Trees

Project status:

This is a 10 year infrastructure plan. The plan was adopted in 2020. Council is now working to finalise designs for the community hub and sports pavilion building.