Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I discover a COVID positive person has been in the workplace?

If someone who tested positive worked while they were infectious, they are required to tell their workplace.

The workplace must identify and inform other staff who are contacts (including sub-contractors, but not patrons).

These contacts are required to:

  • get a standard (PCR) test at a testing centre within 24 hours and stay isolated until they return a negative result
  • and show the workplace evidence of that result before they return to work.

There are then set steps to follow as outlined in the government protocols available here.

The Department of Health require notification of confirmed COVID-19 cases and can be contacted on 1300 651 160 or

Worksafe also require notification, their protocols are available here and they may be contacted on 13 23 60.


How will I find out if my business has been classed as an exposure site?

Exposure sites will no longer be published. Instead, the Department will use the new alert function in the Service Victoria app to notify patrons of higher-risk venues where positive cases have been present – such as restaurants, gyms and nightclubs – and advise them to get tested.

If you do receive a message that you have been been in contact with a COVID positive case follow the advice in the alert and follow the following checklist.

Are there any resources available to me to aid with enabling visitor record keeping and contact tracing?

All workplaces must use the free Service Victoria QR code check-in app for record keeping, ensuring all workers and visitors check-in.

For more information on the Service Victoria app and to register your business please see here.

Businesses may also provide a kiosk service to electronically check-in visitors who are unable to use the Service Victoria app themselves.

written check-in log may also be provided for people who are unable to use the Service Victoria app, a template for this is available here

What should I do if a visitor to my business refuses to sign in, wear a mask or does not meet vaccination requirements?

Masks will still be required for primary school staff and visitors and for students in Years 3 to 6, for workers serving the public at hospitality venues, for workers and customers at indoor retail, for visitors and select workers in hospitals or care facilities, and for people using public transport, taxi/rideshare and planes.

Unless our health services see a significant jump in hospitalisations, customers for retail will no longer need to wear masks after 15 December - in line with NSW settings.

If a person refuses to show evidence of a successful check-in, businesses can ask the person not to enter. If the person does not comply with the request businesses are advised not to engage with the person, to ensure their safety and that of their staff, and if the matter escalates to call Victoria Police on 000.

For tips on dealing with difficult customers click here.

For COVIDSafe business signage including signs requesting visitors wear masks, proof of vaccination status and check-in, please see here.

How do I make my workplace COVID Safe?

Please refer to the information and resources website to help you and your employees stay physically and mentally well in the workplace during this pandemic.

Take a look at the six principles of COVIDSafe Workplaces:

  • Practice physical distancing
  • Wear face masks
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Keep electronic records and act quickly
  • Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
  • Create workforce bubbles

It is mandatory for every Victorian business to have a COVIDSafe Plan, a Service Victoria QR check-in code and a record of staff vaccinations.

There are COVIDSafe resources including signage, business templates and information guides available to assist you in promoting a COVIDSafe workplace.

How do I check the vaccination status of my customers?

Most businesses and and venues are required to check that all visitors, patrons and workers over the age of 12 years and two months are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before they enter the premises.  

These businesses must take reasonable steps to ensure that only patrons who are fully vaccinated, or those who have a valid medical exemption enter their premises. 

The quickest and easiest way to check vaccination status is via the Service Victoria app when patrons check-in using the Victorian Government QR Code Service. However, there are other ways that businesses can check the vaccination status of their patrons:  

  • COVID-19 digital certificate through the Medicare app, Service Victoria app or in a smart phone wallet  
  • Printed copy of COVID-19 digital certificate 
  • Immunisation history statement.  

People under 14 years of age can’t directly access their COVID-19 Digital Certificate through apps or their immunisation history statement through Medicare. Patrons aged under 14 can show a PDF or printed COVID-19 Digital Certificate or immunisation history statement on their smartphone which has been downloaded by their parent or guardian.  

More information on checking the vaccination status of your customers can be found here.   

Download an Acceptable proof of vaccination poster here