Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact if I discover a COVID positive person has visited my business?

If you discover a COVID person has visited your business, please inform your workers home immediately and ask them to isolate.

In the case that an employer tests positive for COVID, as their employer, you must send the worker home immediately and inform all other workers. Once home, the worker must wait for further instructions from the Victorian Department of Health.

The next steps are listed below:


See more more information and advice for businesses who have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the workplace

Use this form to notify DHHS when there has been a confirmed case of COVID in your workplace

How will I find out if my business has been classed as an exposure site?

  • A representative from the Department of Health will notify you have been identified as an exposure site.
  • If you suspect you, a member of staff or a recent customer may have COVID‑19, call the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.
  • For information on operating your business under COVID-19 restrictions or to access COVID019 business assistance, call Business Victoria COVID-19 hotline on 13 22 15. You can also contact the Albury Wodonga Public Health Unit

What do I need to do if my business is classed as an exposure site?

  • If your business has been notified that it is classified as an exposure site, Department of Health Officers will advise you of the status, and next step you need to take from there.

What is a deep clean and how do I find out if I need to deep clean my place of business?

  • A representative from the Department of Health will notify you have been identified as an exposure site and if you are required to undertake a deep clean of your business.

What support is available to me in the case that my business needs to close due to being classed an exposure site, or to be deep cleaned?

  • A range of assistance is available from the Commonwealth and Victorian governments and other entities to support businesses impacted by COVID-19, including assistance with the costs of deep cleaning your business.
  • Read more about available grants and programs to support your business.
  • A COVIDSafe Deep Cleaning Rebate is available to help eligible businesses cover the cost of hiring professional cleaning services to conduct a ‘deep clean’ or ‘decontamination clean’ of their premises or worksite. This can also help businesses prevent further transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) and reduce their out-of-pocket cleaning expenses.

Are there any resources available to me to aid with enabling visitor record keeping and contact tracing?

  • Victorian Government QR Code Service: Record keeping is a crucial part of keeping Victorians safe and helping Victoria stay open.The Victorian Government QR Code Service is free for all Victorian businesses, organisations, clubs and events. This service helps contact tracers to contain a COVID-19 outbreak. Get your free QR code.
  • Postcode & Suburb Checker: The postcode, suburb and address checker helps venues like cafes and restaurants to quickly determine whether a person is from an area under restrictions. Check the restriction status of a postcode.

What should I do if a visitor to my business refuses to sign in or wear a mask while visiting my business?

  • You have the right to refuse entry to a person exhibiting inappropriate behaviour to your business.
  • If a person refuses to show evidence of a successful check in, or is not wearing a face mask, the business can ask that person not to enter the venue.
  • If the person does not comply with the request, businesses are encouraged to not engage in threatening behaviour and call the police or security for support.


On 11.59pm on Tuesday 27 July 2021, Victoria introduced new COVIDSafe settings. This means that the law currently states that fitted face masks must be carried at all times and must be worn indoors and outdoors by everyone aged 12 years and older, unless an exception applies.  Businesses should not refuse service to patrons who may have a lawful reason for not wearing a face mask at venues that require mandatory face masks. For more information on face masks and human rights, visit the website of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

While the Department of Health and Human Services has not defined what the medical conditions that are included in this exception, the Stay-at-Home Directions include persons who have a physical or mental health illness or condition, or disability which makes wearing a face covering unsuitable, including persons with obstructed breathing, a serious skin condition of the face, an intellectual disability, a mental health condition or persons who have experienced trauma. If you are communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, and visibility of the mouth is essential for communication you will also be permitted to remove your face mask in settings where it is required; however, you must carry it with you at all times.

How do I make my workplace COVID Safe?

  • Please refer to the information and resources website to help you and your employees stay physically and mentally well in the workplace during coronavirus (COVID‑19)
  • Take a look at the six principles of COVIDSafe Workplaces
  • It is mandatory for every Victorian business with on-site operations to have a COVIDSafe Plan. Templates are available to support you. It is not mandatory to use a template. To ensure compliance, random spot checks are occurring throughout Victoria
  • You can also check out this resource pack, which includes a collection of templates, questionnaires, signage and posters to promote a COVIDSafe Workplace.