Dining & Entertainment Program - Regional Victoria

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You might have read or heard about the Victorian Government's Regional Dining and Entertainment Package aimed at driving customers back to restaurants, bars, performing arts centres, concerts and more. Below are some helpful dot points to help educate on what the program is, how long it runs for, and what you need to do to be involved.  



  • From Tuesday 29 March, customers can claim 25 per cent back on the total cost of their entertainment purchase when they spend $40 or more (including GST).
  •  Eligible entertainment experiences include live performances, museums, galleries, amusement parks, zoos and more. 
  • The rebate is available for experiences anywhere in Victoria, including metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, on any day of the week.
  • Claims can be made on future dated ticket sales for entertainment events – receipt can be provided and claimed from date of ticket purchase. (after 29/3)
  • A total of $30 million is available to claim on a first come, first served basis until funds are exhausted.

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  • For dining experiences, customers can claim 25 per cent off their bill when they spend $40 (including GST) or more between Monday and Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday dining is not included.
  • It includes dining at all restaurants, cafes and bars where meals are served across Victoria, excluding the City of Melbourne municipality. For rebates on dining in the City of Melbourne, see Midweek Melbourne Money.
  • Take away food purchases can be claimed subject to $40 min.
  • Dining receipts can include alcohol purchases if on dining receipt
  • Each customer can claim up to $125 in combined rebates for dining and entertainment experiences under the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program.
  • A total of $30 million is available to claim on a first come, first served basis until funds are exhausted. 


For more information on the dining and entertainment programs, click here.

To submit a claim, or for the greater list of terms and conditions of the program, click here.