COVIDSafe Business Support


Business Concierge and Hospitality Support Program

This Victorian Government funded program will proactively promote COVIDSafe practices through direct engagement with local businesses to keep our community safe and economy open.


From Monday 11 October, two COVIDSafe Business Support Officers will begin visiting businesses across the Rural City of Wangaratta to provide support, advice and resources to businesses to improve their COVIDSafe practices. 


These officers will:

  • provide one-on-one guidance based on Victorian Government advice
  • answer questions
  • work with businesses to help them meet the directions of the Victorian Chief Health Officer
  • work to make sure staff and the wider community stay healthy and safe. 


Steps for operating a COVIDSafe business include:

  1. Have a COVIDSafe plan. This is mandatory for all businesses and should be updated regularly, download a template here.
  2. Use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service to check-in customers, workers and visitors.
  3. Display posters or signage about COVIDSafe practices, these are available here.


Businesses can book a visit or speak with a COVIDSafe Business Support Officer about COVIDSafe practices by contacting or calling 5722 0888.


For COVID-19 business information, visit Business Victoria or call 13 22 15.


For COVID-19 health information, visit Coronavirus Victoria or call 1800 675 398.

The Victorian Government is offering a free, independent review of your COVIDSafe Plan to ensure it is up to date and reflects the current COVIDSafe settings, more information on this free service can be found here(PDF, 41KB).