COVIDSafe Business Support


Business Concierge and Hospitality Support Program

Our COVIDSafe Business Support Officers are continuing to visit businesses across the Rural City of Wangaratta to provide advice and resources.

If you have any questions about the new COVID-19 restrictions and what they mean for your business please contact us at or call 5722 0888.

The Rural City of Wangaratta are working to keep our community safe and our economy strong.

Is your business COVIDSafe?

As more businesses reopen, vaccination is the most important way we can protect workers, customers and our community from COVID-19.

Every business must have an updated COVIDSafe Plan.  

Does your business:

  1. Comply with vaccination requirements for your sector?
  2. Practice good hygiene?
  3. Maximise air flow and ventilation?
  4. Have a plan to manage any COVID-19 cases?
  5. Make sure all workers know what they need to do to  be COVIDSafe?


For COVID-19 business information, visit Coronavirus Victoria- Business and work or call Business Victoria 13 22 15.

For COVID-19 health information, visit Coronavirus Victoria or call 1800 675 398.