Transfer Station Fees

From 1 July 2017

(all prices include GST)

General Waste per cubic metre   $64.00/m3
Please note a standard trailer load refers to a 6 x 4 trailer    
General Waste Minimum (Garbage Bag or up to 30L)   $ 2.50
General Waste - Garbage bin   $ 8.00
General Waste 1/4m3   $15.50
General Waste 1/2m3   $32.00
General Waste 3/4m3   $47.00
Greenwaste Minimum fee   $ 3.00
Greenwaste 1/2m3   $ 5.00
Greenwaste per cubic metre   $10.00
Timber per cubic metre   $17.00/m3
Timber 1/4m3 Minimum fee   $ 6.00
Timber 1/2m3   $ 8.50
Concrete per cubic metre (up to a maximum of 2m3)   $32.00/m3
Concrete 1/4m3 Minimum fee (≤0.25m3)   $ 6.00
Concrete 1/2m3 (0.5m3)   $16.00
Car / Motorcycle (P)   $ 5.00 each
Truck Tyre Small - Lighweight / Small / 4WD   $11.00 each
Truck Tyre Large (LT) - includes forklift & bobcat tyres up to 0.5m high   $15.00 each
Forklift Tyre up to 1m high   $35.00 each
Tractor Tyre up to 1m high   $90.00 each
Tractor Tyre up to 2m high   $135.00 each
Earthmoving Tyre Small up to 1m high   $115.00 each
Earthmoving Tyre Medium up to 1.5m high   $200.00 each
Earthmoving Tyre Large up to 2m high   $400.00 each
Single Mattress   $27.00 each
Double / Queen / King Mattress   $30.00 each
Furniture items
Small, Medium & Single items (chairs, tables)   $ 7.00 each
Large & Multiple Items (lounge suites, dining suites, cupboards, wardrobes)   $17.00 equivalent to a 2 seater settee
Metal Scrap - scrap metals, white goods (excluding fridges & air conditioners)   No charge
Fridge, Freezers & Air Conditioners   $ 7.00 each
Gas Bottles (up to 10kg, LPG carcyclinders not accepted)   $ 2.00 each
Co-mingled Recycling -Glass, aluminium cans, PET plastic, HDPE plastic, paper, cardboard   No charge
Electronic waste (Ewaste)     
Ewaste Small appliances (below2 kg) - hairdryers, kettles, keyboards etc.   $ 2.00 each
Ewaste Medium appliances (2kg to 5kg) - stereo’s, printers, vacuums etc.   $ 5.00 each
Ewaste Large appliances (6kg to 10kg) - microwaves, desktop computers etc.   $10.00 each
Ewaste Extra Large appliances (over 11kg) - Large Tv's, large printers etc.   $20.00 each
Clean fill   No Charge
Household Batteries   No Charge
Car Batteries   No Charge
Fluorescent Globes   No Charge
Paint Tins   No Charge
Motor Oil (accepted at Wangaratta)   No Charge
Plastic & Metal Oil Containers < 20 Litres   No Charge
Plastic Oil Containers > 20 Litres   $ 2.50 each
Drum Muster Approved Chemical Drums (appointments required)   No Charge