Hume Region Significant Tracks and Trails Strategy

Hume Region Significant Tracks and Trails Strategy

The Hume Region Significant Tracks and Trails Strategy (HRSTTS)    2013-2022 is a project that has been championed by the Hume Region Local Government Network.

The aim of the HRSTTS is to improve existing regionally significant tracks and trails in the Hume Region of Victoria, identify any new regionally significant tracks/trails connections or extensions required; and identify other factors that will encourage increased use and awareness of tracks and trails in the region.

The Rural City of Wangaratta auspiced the project on behalf of the Hume Region and each Local Government Authority (LGA’s) nominated appropriate Council officers to participate on a project steering committee alongside other crucial stakeholders such as Regional Development Victoria , Parks Victoria and Alpine Resort Management.

In addition, the HRSTTS underpins and provides linkages to the Victorian Trails Strategy, a state-wide document guiding future trail development and directions throughout Victoria.

The Hume Region is recognised as being at the forefront of nature based tourism and trail development in Australia, being blessed with an amazing natural environment and many existing tracks and trails to connect users to areas of high natural amenity. Tracks and trails also play a critical role in linkages to connecting municipalities, communities, services and amenities and encouraging active transport options.

Ongoing use of the strategy

It is envisaged that the HRSTTS will be utilised as a reference document for the development of track and trail based infrastructure projects across the region further enhancing collaboration opportunities between Councils.

The next phase of the project is to implement the recommendations contained within the strategy by establishing a Hume Region Significant Tracks and Trails Committee. It is anticipated that the ongoing committee will meet once a year on an ongoing basis with additional meetings scheduled on a “needs basis”. The first meeting is expected to occur in June 2015 with Rural City of Wangaratta chairing the first meeting. The committee will be comprised of:

 Local Government representatives

  • Alpine Resort Representatives
  • Department Environment and Primary Industries
  • Parks Victoria
  • Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
  • Regional Development Victoria
  • Tourism Victoria
  • Community Representatives

PDFBulletin (201 KB)

PDFHume Region Significant Tracks and Trail Strategy (6000 KB)

PDFPlanning and Design Considerations (1967 KB)

PDFStrategy Audit (4229 KB)

PDFAppendix (7358 KB)

Last Updated: 06-08-2014

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