Most of us still use the car as our primary mode of transport. However, one-quarter of all car journeys are less than three kilometres. Car travel has a very significant environmental cost and impacts negatively on our health and wellbeing. To ride a bike the same distance uses less than one-fiftieth of the energy required to drive. Explore sustainable transport options.

Car Pool

If you have to use the car, those regular trips to work, the market or school can be done with others and you'll have more fun, use less petrol and save money. Read more

Ride a Bike

Stay fit, focused and help save the world. Explore bike paths, cycle groups and ride any blues away. Read more

Use Public Transport

Buses, trains and trams all use far less resources than cars. Increased use will lead to a better service and you can read, listen and relax as you go to and fro. Read more