Green Guru

Green Guru

Green Guru is your one stop shop to the new and upcoming information about sustainable living. It is intended to provide the basic information about a particular topic and further reading and resources.

The Green Guru has been prepared by the Sustainability Education Officers at the Rural City of Wangaratta and a new issue will be available monthly. Please click on a topic below to download the Green Guru Newsletter on your chosen topic:


PDFIssue #1 Home Energy Savings (1114 KB)

PDFIssue #2 Building and Renovating Sustainably (1124 KB)

PDFIssue #3 Sustainable Gardening (5282 KB)

PDFIssue #4 Food Sustainability (1102 KB)

PDFIssue #5 Solar PV and Batteries (866 KB)

Last Updated: 24-07-2017

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