Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is about making changes to the way we live, so that we have a positive impact on the environment, our lifestyle, our community and even our finances.

Sustainability Education

Education of sustainable living doesn’t just stop at school. There is always new and exciting things to learn and apply to your everyday living in the home, community group, workplace and business. Read more

Green Guru

Green Guru is your one stop shop to the new and upcoming information about sustainable living. It is intended to provide the basic information about a particular topic and further reading and resources. The Green Guru has been prepared by the Sustainability Education Officers at the Rural City of Wangaratta and a new issue will be available monthly. Please click on a topic below to download the Green Guru Newsletter on your chosen topic: Read more

Enviro Events 2017

Do your part for the environment and get involved in these exciting upcoming local annual events Read more