Parking in the Rural City of Wangaratta

Parking in the Rural City of Wangaratta

Most parking in Wangaratta's central business district is metered and has a fee of $1 per hour, however there are also a number of areas you can park around town at no cost, see our easy parking guide below for more information.

Easy Parking Guide

Why you should obey parking laws?

Our parking and traffic laws are there to ensure the safe and fair use of  roads for the benefit of everyone. Many people park illegally because it's convenient, without stopping to think that they might be inconveniencing others or putting them in danger.

If you park illegally, you can be fined. If you don't pay the fine, you will have statutory costs added to it. If you continue to refuse to pay, your property can be seized, your vehicle registration or your licence can be suspended or you can go to gaol.

Level of fines

Parking fines are set in Regulations made under the Victorian Road Safety Act. Fines are currently $78, $93 or $155, depending on the offence.  For more information about parking fines and appeals in Wanagaratta please click here.

Other consequences?

Parking infringements don't count as convictions or give you a criminal record. Parking infringements don't result in demerit points against your driver's licence.

Who can issue parking tickets?

The following people can issue an infringement notice (a parking ticket) in the Rural City of Wangaratta:

  • any police officer, or
  • an authorised Council officer

Authorised officers from some other public authorities (eg VicRoads) can also issue parking tickets in certain cases.

A person contracted by Council to patrol parking should be able to show you an identity card on request. It should have on it their photo, their signature, and the signature of the Council officer who has authorised them to issue infringement notices.

You can get a ticket on private property

Council traffic officers can give tickets for parking infringements on private property if the owner has an agreement with Council. For example, the privately owned car park of a retail store may be controlled by Council by arrangement with the owner.


Last Updated: 20-02-2017

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