Stock Crossing

Stock Crossing

Legislation has been introduced to make it safer for motorists and stock on roads. Motorists need to watch out for the "STOP" and "GIVE WAY TO STOCK" signs that will be displayed by farmers when they have stock on roads.

Police and authorised officers can prosecute drivers who fail to stop or give way. The penalty on conviction is a fine of up to $500. Warning signs will be placed along the road to warn motorists that stock are on the road.

What Are The Signs?

Stop Sign

Give Way to Stock Sign

A "STOP" or "GIVE WAY TO STOCK" sign will be displayed when stock are at a stock crossing. You must stop prior to the crossing and not proceed until all stock have completed their crossing.


This warning sign will be displayed approximately 300 metres from where the stock will be on the road. You must slow down to a speed which will enable you to avoid hitting the animal.

CrossingAheadSign Give Way to Stock Next 5km sign

These signs will be displayed when livestock are grazing or are with a drover. You must slow down to a speed that would enable you to stop if necessary.

On occasions these signs may specify the number of kilometres over which stock are likely to be found, for example, "Give Way To Stock Next 5km".

What You Can Do

There are a number of steps that drivers can take to reduce accidents involving stock on country roads. These include:

  • Slow down and be able to stop or give way when there are animals on the road or roadside
  • Watch out for stock crossing warning signs and other animal advisory signs and react accordingly - that is, you should slow down and be prepared to stop. It takes on average, 82 metres to stop a car travelling at 100 kilometres per hour.
  • Never sound your horn as this may frighten the animals.
  • Watch for advice from the person in control of the stock
  • Look out for working dogs, as they will be watching the stock and not your car
  • Dealing with animals being driven along the road is common sense. Watch out for the warning signs, slow down, be patient and obey the law. Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to $500

Guidelines for the Selection of Stock Crossing Sites and the Placement of Signs when Stock are on Roads

VicRoads has developed guidelines to be used by farmers, drovers and other people who have a permit from Council - or who are exempted by a local law from the need to have a permit - to have stock on roads or road reserves in Victoria. The guidelines give specific instructions for the selection of and signing at stock crossing sites and for sign placement in situations where stock graze or are driven along roads. The guidelines have four (4) major sections:

  • permanent stock crossing sites
  • temporary stock crossing sites
  • droving of stock
  • stock grazing on the road reserve

The guidelines are intended to complement regulations requiring drivers to give way to stock under control when they encounter them on roads and Local Laws providing approval to have stock on roads. Stock owners within the Rural City of Wangaratta must check with Council about conditions under which they can have stock on roads.

The Highway Authority will organise the installation of signs and lights (at the stock owner's expense) for permanent stock crossing sites. For other situations, the installation or display of signs and lights is the responsibility of the person accompanying, or responsible for, the stock. In these guidelines, the Highway Authority is VicRoads for State highways, main roads, tourist roads and forest roads.  The Wangaratta Rural City Council is responsible for all other roads within the municipality.

Further information can be found at the VicRoads website located at or by contacting VicRoads on 131 174.

Download a Stock Crossing Application Form below.

PDFStock Crossing Application Form (18 KB)

Last Updated: 05-02-2015

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