Grazing of Livestock on Roadsides

Grazing of Livestock on Roadsides

Council allows the grazing of livestock on roadsides however, residents are required to make an application prior to grazing to ensure appropriate permission is received if the road is declared a VicRoads road and also to ensure Council's Roadside Management Strategy is implemented by reducing the spread of noxious weeds and protectin significant habitats.

For further information on grazing livestock please contact Council's Enforcement Officer on (03) 5722 0888 or email 

  1. An authorised officer may issue a permit for the grazing of livestock provided that the permission of the Roads Corporation has been obtained where it is proposed to graze livestock on any declared road.
  2. Council may require a person making an application for a permit to give public notice, which will entitle any person to make a submission and to be heard in accordance with Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989.
  3. A permit issued for the grazing of a road by livestock must contain conditions that:
    1. require livestock grazing roadsides to be under constant supervision by a person who is competent in the handling of livestock
    2. ensure movement of stock on roadsides is not permitted when Chilean Needle Grass or other weeds of national significance are in seed.  The presence of stock on roadsides during these times will constitute a breach of the permit
    3. limit the grazing of livestock between the hours of sunrise and sunset
    4. require signs conforming with the requirements of the Roads Corporation are in place
    5. require appropriate precautions to be taken to ensure that no damage occurs to all road surfaces, road infrastructure, private driveways and to vegetation within a high conservation value road
    6. reserve or other area designated as prohibited for grazing in Council's Roadside Management Strategy, and that erosion does not occur as a result of excessive grazing
    7. require the immediate removal of livestock where they are causing damage
    8. require the Council's interest to be noted on public liability insurance obtained by the owner and that proof of the notation is produced to the Council prior to the commencement of grazing
    9. require that an inspector of livestock of the Government agency administering the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 is notified if the person in charge of the livestock becomes aware or suspects that the livestock or any of them have a disease or dies of a disease that is a notifiable disease under that Act
    10. require compliance with any other conditions that may be applied to any special circumstances prevailing in respect of the livestock or the area to be grazed
    11. require compliance with any relevant recommendations or guidelines of Council's Roadside Management Strategy
    12. require compliance with any relevant recommendations or guidelines of Council's Fire Prevention Strategy

Download a Grazing of Livestock Application Form below, a permit fee of $50 applies for each grazing permit.

PDFGrazing of Livestock Application Form (239 KB)

Last Updated: 30-11-2016

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