Community Satisfaction Survey

 Posted: 20-07-2016

Each year Local Government Victoria (LGV) coordinates and auspices a state-wide Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey. JWS Research undertakes the survey. This coordinated approach allows for a far more cost effective survey than would be possible if councils commissioned surveys individually.

The main objectives of the survey are to assess the performance of Wangaratta Rural City Council over the previous 12 months, across a range of measures and to seek insight into ways to provide improved or more effective service delivery.

The survey also provides councils with a means to fulfil some of their reporting requirements as well as acting as a feedback mechanism to LGV.

Council's performance across most core and individual service measures was stable, moving only a couple of points but not significantly between 2015 and 2016.

Council’s performance on core measures is in line with, or exceeds, average ratings for Large Rural councils on all measures, with the exception of Community Consultation where Council trails the Group average by three points. Council significantly exceeds average ratings for Large Rural councils on the measure of Sealed Local Roads (by a margin of 14 points).

Council’s Overall Performance (55) is stable compared to 2015, which was a 10 point increase from 2014 but 11 points below Council’s 2012 high score of 66.

PDF2016 Community Satisfaction Survey (1946 KB)

Last Updated: 20-07-2016

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