Parfitt Road Levee Restoration Works

 Posted: 20-03-2017

Sandbags will be replaced by a permanent repair to the Parfitt Road Levee over the next fortnight.

A leak developed in the levee during the October 2016 flood event, causing the evacuation of the Parfitt Road area and the mobilisation of Council staff and volunteers from the CFA and SES.

“Temporary repairs included sandbagging, blocking the drainage pipe and using a portable pump to deal with local storm water until the main pump could be cleaned and returned to service,” Council’s Director Infrastructure Services Alan Clark said.

“Permanent repairs to be carried out over the next fortnight include removing and replacing the failed drainage pipe, encasing the new drainage pipe in concrete, installing vertical sand filters within the bank and reinstating the bike path.”

Preparation work will commence on site this week, ahead of the civil works next week.

Detours for a small section of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail will be in place during this time.

The works had been planned to take place when there was a very low risk of major flood occurring.

Works taking place this fortnight cost $35,238 ex GST, while the site investigation and design costs were $31,809.44 ex GST.

Council is seeking to be re-imbursed for this work under the terms of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

In addition to these works Council has approved an investigation on the status of the flood pump network which will include pump replacements and upgrades as required.

Two new pumps have recently been installed. One of these pumps is at Thomas Street on the Wilson Road levee system and the other is off Newman Street.


  • The levee banks, pumps, drainage system and associated works form the Wangaratta Township Flood Protection System.
  • The system has been designed to reduce the risk of flooding from the Ovens and King River system.
  • The system is not failsafe and flood protection infrastructure in Australia and around the world can and does fail.
  • The flood protection system is designed to protect property not people.
  • Wangaratta’s levee banks and pumps are inspected and tested on a regular basis.
  • Council maintains a network of pumps which remove water from inside the levee system when flooding or inundation occurs.



Last Updated: 20-03-2017

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