Economic Development FAQ's

Economic Development FAQ's

What funding is available for my small business?

The Economic Development & Tourism Department can assist in identifying any funding opportunities that maybe available to your business. You can also visit for grant information.


How can I promote my business on social media?

Rural City of Wangaratta has a presence on most of the popular social media sites including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube. Each platform has its own audience and purpose.

Businesses are encouraged to send relevant information about any exciting new offers, specials or deals to the Economic Development & Tourism Department for them to decide if, when, and which platform they may use it on. Businesses are also encouraged to tag Visit Wangaratta on their posts and to use the relevant hashtags to allow us to share their posts ( #visitwangaratta #visitmilawa #visitglenrowan #visitkingvalley #kingvalleylove)







What is the population of Wangaratta? There are over 27,100 residents living in the Rural City of Wangaratta, 18,000 of whom live in urban Wangaratta. More statistics from the latest census can be found here


How do I sponsor a skilled migrant?

Overseas migrants can be sponsored in order to address skills shortages in the region. This is done either via a Temporary 457 visa or a Permanent 187 visa, further details are available on The Rural City of Wangaratta is the Regional Certifying Body for North East Victoria, for 187 visa nominations, more details are on our website


Does Council have any industrial land available in Wangaratta?

Currently there are several 14 hectare blocks and one 1.7 hectare block in North Wangaratta, with further subdivisions planned for Murrell St. For more information about Council’s available industrial land contact Council on 5722 0888 to speak to the Senior Business Development Officer, Charles Halter. Privately owned industrial land is also available in the Rural City of Wangaratta.


What funding support is there available for tourism and visitor attraction events?

There are 2 funding streams; special events and visitor attractions, which allow applicants to apply for up to $5000 depending on the funding stream. The 1st round of funding closes 1 August 2015 with a second round subject to available funding to be completed by 1st February 2016. The aim of the event funding program is to promote the tourism product strengths of the RCoW, maximise economic and community benefits, provide significant branding and marketing opportunities for the region, and to substantially build the profile of the event to attract visitors from outside the RCoW. For more information about the specific eligibility criteria please contact Council on 5722 0888 to speak to the Tourism Development Coordinator. 


Where can I obtain images of the region?

The Economic Development & Tourism Department have an extensive photographic library that is available for anyone to use in promoting their business, Wangaratta and the Rural City of Wangaratta. For further information contact the Tourism Development Officer on 5722 0888.


Where can I get assistance with my digital presence - social media and websites?

Periodically the Economic Development & Tourism Department may run social media workshops and/or one on one mentoring.   Private consultants in the region also offer training in this area.


What events or workshops are you running for small business?

The Economic Development & Tourism Department in conjunction with other service providers facilitate several workshops that are run in Wangaratta throughout the year for small business. The month of August is dedicated to the Small Business Festival and in September there is the Support Small Business Day program. Like the Small Business Wangaratta Facebook page for updates on upcoming workshops. The Business Victoria website is full of online resources and workshops.


Last Updated: 18-08-2015

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